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    Smart Waterproof Watch

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    Smart Waterproof Watch

    Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level with our Fitness Smart Watch. Built to keep track of your exercise progress and body health, it accurately provides real-time metrics. It also detects your different sleep cycles at night, allowing you to analyze your sleep patterns.

    It also features smart functions such as smartphone notifications, alarm clock, and music control. Our fitness watch is an all-in-one device designed to be multifunctional.

    Accurate Health Tracking: Features optical sensing technology to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in your body. Real-time detection notifies you when thresholds are reached, protecting you from unhealthy metrics. 

    Sleep Monitoring: Records your complete sleep cycle to analyze patterns as you move through sleep stages and detect areas of improvement for better sleep.

    Smartphone Multifuncionality: Easily sync the fitness watch to your smartphone and enjoy a range of functional features - smartphone notifications, weather reporting, alarm, music control, custom watch display, stopwatch, and health report. 

    7 Exercise Modes: Keeps track of your calories burned and body exertion metrics, allowing you to adjust your exercise intensity adequately. Each mode expects a different intensity level, based on the physical activity, and assessed the metrics against those expectations.


    Waterproof: Our fitness watch withstands tough conditions, allowing you to use it in the rain and making it resistant to corrosion.

    Multiple Views: Dynamically change your display through interactions. Each mode shows a different view. 


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