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    True Wireless Earphones

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    Get Crisp, Clear Sound While on the Go

    Tired of your earbuds falling out while you exercise or getting tangled in a bunch of wires?

    Banish the cables and listen to your favorite music or podcast in the utmost comfort. These wireless earbuds are suitable for any type of weather and any activity. They’re compatible with all Bluetooth devices and can be used for phone calls with their built-in microphone and voice activation. These earbuds also offer:

    • 8D surround sound, 5.0 dual-ear chip, large capacity, true wireless Bluetooth headset
    • Graphene bass diaphragm, HIFI high-frequency technology, 10MM dynamic speaker unit
    • Two connection methods: single/double free to use, single ear listening to enjoy alone, listening to HiFi stereo in both ears.

    • 5.0 automatic boot pairing, built-in active noise reduction IC, HD call.
    • 5.0 Bluetooth game without delay, the electric cabin can be used as a mobile phone bracket mobile phone emergency power supply, multi-function use.


    • Maximum power consumption: 10MA/ h
    • The capacity of the charging bin: is 300MA
    • Headphone capacity: 35MA
    • Music time: 5-6 hours
    • Duration: 5-6 hours
    • Charging times: 4 times
    • Operating voltage: 3.0-4.2V

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